My trip to Dundee Scotland

Currently, I am working my way around Scotland just now, I visited Dundee around three weeks ago now and honestly I really liked it. I thought some parts were better than others but its like that everywhere. Scotland is such a beautiful country and I feel like it doesn’t get enough recognition.

When I went to Dundee, I had no idea what I wanted to do, where I wanted to visit, it was literally a case of, lets discover and explore! The first place I went to was obviously my hotel as I wasn’t going to carry my baggage about all day for no reason. The hotel I was staying in was called the Holiday INN Express, it was very central and close to the town centre.

Whilst I was in Dundee I visited a very large museum called the V&A. This is the worlds leading museum of art and design. It is a huge building with lots of art exhibitions and fashion designs inside it. It has interactive game boards too which can keep children entertained. It shows not only art but culture and history too.

I am not going to show any photos of the inside as this will spoil it for the people who have not yet visited this wonderful museum.

I also did the basic things in Dundee like shopping, ate out at cafes and spent the day looking for interesting shops.

For those of you who know, I am a massive lover of cheese! I have cheese with literally everything! I walked by this cheese shop called The Cheesery, Obviously I had to go in. As I walked in my eyes widened, there was loads of cheeses, wines, biscuits, literally my dream shop. It was such a cute little shop too! I defiantly recommend you take a visit if you are visiting Dundee.

Lastly, I went to this amazing chip shop/restaurant called the Tail End. The food was amazing! no words needed, just look at my burger! It came with homemade chips and onion rings with a refreshing glass of Coke. The décor was really cute too, cute fairy lights and a warm atmosphere. I know I keep saying it but this place is a must to visit!

Until next time…

Love Jessie xx